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Al Ansaar Hospital - 7 reasons why get a full body checkup
7 reasons why get a full body checkup
February 7, 2022

People often find excuses for not scheduling a yearly full-body checkup, and you may be one of them too. This is not new and everyone most of the time behaves in the same way because people don’t understand the value of good health until they get critically ill.

In our lives, we encounter countless situations that put us in circumstances that push us to see a physician, whether it be weight loss, obesity, or any suspicious tumor. But we hardly understand that a regular medical health checkup can save us a lot from an unexpected severe health crisis.

What is a full body checkup?

A full body checkup is a sort of routine test done by a physician to assess the overall health of a person. Through a range of tests that are included in the full body checkup, a person can easily understand how much his or her body needs attention. A full body checkup includes the person’s medical history, previous or current medical tests and illnesses, medications, surgeries, lifestyle, and other relevant information.

What does a full body checkup contain?

A full body checkup is an essential package that covers the following tests to monitor and screen the overall health of the person.

Physical evaluation of the whole body, urine analysis, complete blood count test, blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring, and specific diagnostic lab tests that are essential to screen overall health, but those can vary from person to person according to the health condition and age or gender. In some situations, it is possible a physician may recommend additional tests like x-rays or CT scans.

For many people nowadays, it is vital to take care of their health, especially in urban areas. Since they have a more unusual lifestyle, which can be reflected in many ways if not taken seriously. Poor habits, nutrition, lack of time, sitting all the time without physical activity, and so on are making our lives more vulnerable to diseases.

Several risk factors that can ruin health are:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Use of tobacco
  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol in excess
  • Obesity
  • Unhealthy food
  • It is essential to visit a physician for a routine physical checkup once a year. Here are 7 compelling reasons to opt for the full body checkup:

Saves life: Ignorance is bliss, but not for our health. An annual full-body checkup comes under preventive care for a reason. The main aim behind it is to save you from the worst illnesses and their outcomes.

Makes us more informed: As we age, the frequency of hospital visits escalates. So, rather than waiting for a disease to hit us suddenly, it would be better to have a full body checkup on a yearly basis to prevent such unforeseen events. Disease doesn’t see age since it can attack at any time. It makes us more informed about our health conditions and the risk factors involved

Early detection helps: A full body checkup enables a physician to detect disease-related signs in real time, which we are frequently unaware of. Such a yearly full checkup can diagnose severe life-threatening illnesses or prevent the risk of such diseases before they turn worse.

Offers quick recovery: As we know, some illnesses don’t show prominent symptoms, but they gradually accumulate before the appearance of visible signs. Here, a full-body yearly checkup helps in early detection and the right treatment, along with speedy recovery. For example, first-stage cancer offers more chances of survival and quick recovery than the last stage, if it is detected early.

Monitors overall health: One should never compromise health. Being healthy doesn’t mean that he or she will never get ill. Because at the time of COVID-19, it is now getting more important to take care of our health and the wellbeing of our loved ones as well as others. A yearly full body checkup monitors our overall health, including each body part, and maintains a safe zone around us.

lessens healthcare cost: Severe and lifelong illnesses can make life miserable and draining with continuous expensive treatments, medications, surgeries, and frequent hospitalizations. The only reason is that the disease couldn’t be detected in time. Hence, in this way, a yearly full-body checkup lowers health-care costs and makes life less burdensome and more secure. It saves finance in the long term since it reduces the risk of surgeries, chronic diseases, and hospitalization.

Increases lifespan: A full body checkup aids in the early detection of a disease, lowering the risk of further complications such as cancer, liver, kidney, or heart disease. When a person is diagnosed at an early stage, the financial burden also becomes less troubling. Early detection and treatment by an annual full-body checkup improves long-term health as well as life expectancy. It tracks down all signs of unusual health and makes people more aware of the need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and habits.

Who may need a full-body checkup?

Anyone might need a full body checkup regularly for chronic illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, heart diseases, kidney diseases, and much more.

  • If someone had cancer, to restore their health and quality of life.
  • If someone is feeling unusual signs and symptoms like troubled breathing, frequent diarrhea, urinary incontinence, or persistent cough, etc.,
  • When surgery is required,
  • If someone is over 50 years of age (male and female both),
  • Elderly people also need a whole-body checkup because they are more prone to getting sick easily.
  • To avoid unexpected health issues, people of all ages, including children, may need a full-body checkup.
  • It is always essential to stay healthy and prioritize health by taking full body screening to set a strong foundation.

The purpose of an annual full-body checkup is to set a benchmark for a consistent way of wellness. It addresses your lifestyle and improves the quality of life. Anything you maintain goes a long way. This also holds true for your health.



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